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 Enjoy a glassblowing class in our hot shop! Whether you are a first-timer or looking to expand your skills, our experienced instructors help guide you on your journey.


This hands-on experience will begin with an overview of the glassblowing process, and a series of exercises to familiarize you with molten glass, the tools, and the furnace.

Then each person will have the opportunity to create their very own work of art with the assistance of our talented staff.


Popular beginner items include scotch glasses, bowls, vases, paperweights, ring holders, spun plates, and tumblers. 

We know the hot shop can be intimidating! Our focus is to provide a fun, low-pressure yet exhilarating experience you will never forget!

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Don't see a date or time that works for you ? Call or text 850 865 7868 or use the chat function to set up a custom date/time

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