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Kids Art Classes 

Homeschool Groups and Kid Group Art Classes 

Children are welcome in any of our workshops with the following age requirements.

Fusing 6+

Glassblowing/Furnace 8+

Flameworking 12+

We are proud to support our local youths by providing exciting and inspiring activities to groups of children, including homeschool groups. We strive to create an inspiring environment that encourages creativity, and allows children to safely enjoy the world of glass. The following options are available to groups of 4 or more.


We are very flexible and can curate an experience that works with your needs.

Gilbert Glassworks Commercial - Final (1) - frame at 1m58s.jpg

15% Discount on all classes for 4 or more children

Students enjoy an in depth experience in either fusing, torch or furnace work.

We are happy to offer a 15% discount on any of our classes for groups of 4 or more. 

Ages :

Fusing- 6+ 

Furnace- 8+

Torch- 12+

Call or text 850 865 7868 to book

Gilbert Glassworks Commercial - Final (1) - frame at 0m48s_edited_edited.jpg
Gilbert Glassworks Commercial - Final (1) - frame at 0m48s_edited.jpg

1/2 day Studio Experience
for 5 or more

This educational studio experience provides a look into all 3 genres of glass. Each form of glass (furnace, torchwork, and fusing) is explained, and demonstrated and students can choose between creating a small fused piece, or small glassblowing item. 

Ages 6+ minimum 5 students 

125$ per student 

Call or text 850 865 7868 to book

Reach Out to Us

Curious about other options ? We would be happy to arrange something that works for you ! 

850 865 7868                                 

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